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Italian scientist brings climate adaptation solution to pasta production in West Africa

in Agriculture by

In the extreme heat conditions of Senegal, Mauritania and Mali, three countries affected by famine, an Italian scientist got a ‘crazy idea’ which has made it possible to cultivate durum wheat. It could thus increase the incomes of 1 million farming families, and has therefore won the US $ 50,000 2017 Olam Prize for Innovation for Food Security. Read more

Berlin: Organic vegetables from a vertical greenhouse in a supermarket

in Agriculture/Innovation by
metro supermarche

A supermarket in Berlin has set up a vertical farm inside its store. Since then, consumers are enjoying organic products at a low cost as there are no intermediaries in the production line.

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Incredible Edible: Todmorden is an example for the world

in Agriculture by

This collective and spontaneous solidarity movement is booming around the world. You could soon find, at the corner of your street, fruits and vegetables of first quality … and, above all, freely! This phenomenon, which originated in England, is that of the Incredible Edible.

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Guatemala conquers its lost biodiversity

in Agriculture by

The Republic of Guatemala, with an estimated population of about 15.8 million, is the most populous state in Central America. Having a rich biodiversity, however, it has been the prey of human atrocities and wants to rebuild a place in the sun.

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The revival of urban agriculture in Detroit, Michigan

in Agriculture by
detroit 1

Detroit, symbol of the success of the auto industry and the American dream, was officially declared bankrupt in 2013, crushed by $ 18.5 billion in debt. But the inhabitants have decided to take their destiny in their hands and today propose a sustainable urban agriculture. Read more

Valerian: The organic garden that soothes souls and the earth

in Agriculture by
Pont passerelle en granit, Imperata cylindrica 'Red Dragon', Prunus incisa 'Kojo No Mai', Schoenoplectus

At the Jardin de Valériane which rides between Saint Etienne and the Rive-de-Gier in the Loire, talented owners have created a garden with beautiful herbaceous borders and superb shrubs. This organic garden has a wealth of vegetable material embellished with an astonishing use of colors. Read more

Kenya: 30,000 farmers equipped to thwart hunger and poverty

in Agriculture by

In Kenya’s Western Province; farmers were faced with various difficulties and cannot make both ends meet. Thanks to a threefold project, 30, 000 farmers can now improve their livelihood through sustainable farming practices and milk-water-carbon value creation. Read more

Ile-de-France: The Gally’s farm offers responsible farming

in Agriculture by

It is always difficult to go shopping with the children. But at the Gally’s farm, a founding member of the network “Chapeau de Paille” (Straw Hat) in Yvelines, it’s a real treat with a self-service collection. Read more

Plantui: An intelligent hydroponic garden

in Agriculture by

Many persons hesitate to install a garden in their backyard in order to grow their own food at home. However, with the Smart Garden Plantui’s cultivation techniques, they no more have any excuses. This innovative project has been designed by Plantui Oy, a start-up based in Turku, Finland. Read more

French companies unite for promoting sustainable agriculture

in Agriculture by

A dozen French companies came together to help communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America against the environmental degradation, climate change and poverty.

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