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February 2017

Bali: A biologist creates a, so healthy, recyclable bag that you can drink it

in Waste Management by

Indonesia is facing the scourge of plastic waste that pollutes the environment. In Bali, to counter this environmental outrage, a young Indonesian entrepreneur has embarked on the production of herbal products.

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An organization came up with ideas for a more inclusive France

in Sustainable development by
Garde manger 1

From the simple donation box to the more elaborate common pantry idea, this organization is bound to better the lives of its fellow citizens. Their organization whose name is ‘On a Pensé à Un Truc‘ which translates as “They came up with something” thinks outside the box and comes forward with innovative social projects. Read more

Berlin: Organic vegetables from a vertical greenhouse in a supermarket

in Agriculture/Innovation by
metro supermarche

A supermarket in Berlin has set up a vertical farm inside its store. Since then, consumers are enjoying organic products at a low cost as there are no intermediaries in the production line.

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Adidas shoe is mostly made of recycled fishing nets

in Waste Management by

In collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, an organization that brings together scientists, artists and citizens around projects to clean the oceans and preserve marine life, the three-band brand launched the Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Parley. Read more

Dragonfly: A 20-ton sustainable residence in Sweden

in Sustainable Building by
5 leaf clover

Last week we showcased the Bird’s Nest, one of the seven sustainable lodgings within the Treehotel in Sweden. This week we are presenting the Dragonfly, the 53-square-meter suite is supported by six pines and spruce trees. This is the largest aerial cabin operated in Treehotel concept resort. Read more

Save electricity by using a solar charger for your mobile phone

in Renewable Energy by
solar charger

Many people find it difficult to recharge their mobile phone especially when they are in a transport; car, plane and bus. XDModo has launched a solar charger. Read more

The most ecological school in the world is in Indonesia

in Sustainable development by

This school in Bali has been recognized as a world reference. With a passionate community of teachers, learning takes place in an unusual environment.

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India is increasingly using smart solar energy

in Renewable Energy by
inde smart power

At least one appliance using solar or wind power per home. This is the goal set by an Indian businessman. Not only for its business to flourish, but also so that India can breathe better.

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Ireland decides to totally divest from fossil energy

in New economy by

Ireland is sending the right signal to the world. The country enacts a law to become the first country in the world to get rid of fossil fuels.
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Recycled plastic: From beaches to shampoo bottles

in Waste Management by
P&G en

The bottles of Head & Shoulders or Pantene will use more recycled plastic by the end of 2018 in Europe. This summer, the American multinational Procter & Gamble launches in France in limited edition bottles made from plastic waste picked up on beaches. Read more

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