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June 2017

Dongtan produced 100% renewable energy for one week

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The people of Qinghai province in northwest China have been lit and heated for seven days by solar, wind and a hydraulic dam. The 6 million inhabitants manage to live just with green energies last week. This is a clear proof that the Chinese want to become exemplary in the fight against pollution. Read more

2017: A worldwide boom in renewable energy

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Despite the fact that Donald Trump signed a decree abrogating Barack Obama’s measures on climate, especially in the fight against global warming, touting “beautiful clean coal“, the United States and several countries around the world announce again Record for renewable energy. Read more

Your dog, an incredible source of renewable energy

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There is no doubt about it anymore! Your dog is a real source of renewable energy. Océane Izard, a young Swiss designer, created the Poo Poo Power: a machine that transforms your dog’s faeces into electricity. Read more

Algeria abandons shale gas for renewable energy

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installation PV

The Algerian government has decided to abandon shale gas and concentrate its energy policy on the development of renewables with a focus on energy efficiency. Read more

Climeworks captures CO2 from the atmosphere

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In order to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreements after COP 21, we must be inventive. In addition to a technology that allows CO2 to be extracted from the ambient air and not only from factory chimneys like other technologies, Climeworks values this gas, whose excess emissions upset the climate. In Zürich, a greenhouse will soon be fed by the company’s modular sensors. Already an Audi partner, Climeworks also discusses with soda water producers for an industrial ecology application when waste becomes a resource. Read more

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