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January 2017

The Bird’s Nest: Branch into the luxurious Swedish hotel room

in Sustainable Building by

Fans of nature you intend to go on vacation but you are tired of the classic hotels. Why not book a Treehotel designed by seven Scandinavian architects and run by Kent Lindvall and his wife Britta in Sweden.

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Saule Technologies: A foil converts everyday objects into solar panels

in Renewable Energy by
Saule EN

It is a like a breath of fresh air for the common people who wants to protect the planet. Saule Technologies delivers revolutionary solar panels in the form of low-cost flexible and lightweight foil. Read more

A “house-greenhouse” in the heart of Rotterdam

in Sustainable Building by

Nowadays, more and more alternative, sustainable and quasi-autonomous habitats are finding their place in urban landscapes. Since June 2015, for a three-year period, the Scholten family has had the chance to “test” one of these houses, thanks to a program initiated by the University of Rotterdam. Read more

Saphon Energy promotes bladeless Wind Energy Converter

in Renewable Energy by
saphon en

When we talk about wind energy, wind turbines with big propellers come to the mind. Inspir’Action.News featured wind turbines without propellers last year. Tunisian Anis Aouini goes even further with his Tyer Wind. It now seems that the biomimetic revolution – a scientific discipline aimed at imitating nature – is definitely on the move.

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Emirates introduces recycled blankets from plastic bottles in its Economy Class

in Transportation/Waste Management by

When you huddle on an Economy Class flight from Emirates airline, it is old plastic bottles that will keep you warm … They were transformed into blankets … From now to 2019, 88 million plastic bottles, that would otherwise end up at the landfill, will be used.

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Neighbourhood Exchange Box: Creating links for happy citizens in Switzerland

in Collaborative Economy by
boite echange en

He always liked to transform the cities and allow the meeting between the inhabitants to make them happy. Geneva’s Dan Acher presented an original idea; The Neighbourhood Exchange Box. Read more

Women in Burkina Faso support an efficient cookstove

in Sustainable development by
burina livelihoods

In Burkina Faso, deforestation is a major issue since 80% of the national energy needs are fuelled by firewood. This Livelihoods Fund project aims to help rural people adapt to desertification and climate change by adopting environmentally friendly cookers they will make themselves. A revolution for their daily lives that slows the deforestation of the Sahel. Read more

Children plant 14 billion trees to save the planet

in Sustainable development by
Plant planet

In 2007, a 10-year-old German decided to plant trees for the benefit of the planet. Today, Felix Finkbeiner is 20 and the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative he launched has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 14 billion trees already planted. Read more

BedZED: an exemplary eco-village in London

in Sustainable development by
Bedzed en

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had a vision for a greener future. The Beddington Zero Energy Development was launched during his tenure in 2002. Fifteen years later, BedZED is the largest eco-village in the United Kingdom, a mixed set of dwellings and offices located in Beddington, London Borough of Sutton.

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An innovative shower recycles five gallons of water for two weeks

in Innovation by

If in Europe severe winter weather is wreaking havoc, on other continents drought is a serious issue. Scarcity of water is not a new issue especially in Africa. Two Japanese engineers seem to have found a spectacular answer to save water! Using the device they developed, you would take 50 showers … with only 20 litres of water! Read more

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