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June 2016

Australian technology to develop wave energy in Mauritius

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Using waves to produce energy may be soon a reality in Mauritius. A Wave Monitoring Device has been deployed in Souillac (south of the Island) this week by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited. Read more

Recycle your plastic from machines you yourself create

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Create jobs while preserving nature. This is the ambition of Precious Plastic, which has developed a series of machines to recycle plastic and whose plans are broadcast free on the net. The creator of such machines is Dutch designer Dave Hakkens.

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Electric rickshaws are the ‘tuk of the town’

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In Bangkok, Delhi or Cairo the roar of the auto rickshaw is part of the soundscape. Easy to navigate their way through traffic jams and narrow streets, the tuk-tuk is one of the most convenient ways to cross congested cities in several countries. Since existing models are very noisy and polluting, some companies have decided to come forward with a solution: create a zero-emission electric version. (Article from The Guardian, 3 June 2016)

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Sweden inaugurates first electric highway in the world

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Electric road hybrid truck, Scania G 360 4x2  Photo: Tobias Ohls 2016
Electric road hybrid truck, Scania G 360 4×2
Photo: Tobias Ohls 2016

The Swedish manufacturer Scania has officially announced the opening of the first electric highway in the world. The project currently involves a two kilometers’ portion of the highway and is reserved for company vehicles. Read more

Cyril Dion: ‘Demain’ is becoming a tool to bring together

in Sustainable development by
Cyril Dion
Cyril Dion

‘Demain’ is breaking a record in its category with over 1 million viewers in six months. The César for best documentary at the 41st César Awards 2016, and already broadcast in thirty countries; the latest being on the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius yesterday. Co-director of the phenomenal documentary ‘Demain’ (Tomorrow) Cyril Dion is an artist who tirelessly continues to carry his message: another “history of the future” is in the process of being invented … Cyril Dion gave an interview to French paper L’Express on 19/06/2016. Read more

Portugal powered for 4 days by 100% renewable energy

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portugal EN

The country’s persistence has been rewarded. After years of promoting the use of clean power, it succeeded on running on renewables during four consecutive days. However, a transition to 100% remains far-fetched, partly due to EU’s lack of ambition.

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French cities to be powered by water from rivers

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A tidal HydroQuest installed in Orleans. (Photo credit: Orléans Council)
A tidal HydroQuest installed in Orleans. (Photo credit: Orléans Council)

The water current: difficult to find a cheaper and cleaner source of energy. However, the giant dams are often not accepted by the population. The natural sites are often threatened by these maxi-projects, as in Sivens or even some dwellings. HydroQuest has developed small turbines powered by the river current. This is a local source of renewable energy and more environmentally friendly than the dams.

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Norway is the first country to commit to zero deforestation

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Pine forest in Norway
Pine forest in Norway

This is good news for forest conservation: Norway is becoming the first country to officially choose the path of zero deforestation. This is one of the main causes of pollution and climate change.
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A planetary call to ‘Break Free’ from fossil fuels

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Australia, Turkey, Philippines… Throughout the month of May, activists have mobilised to put some countries to face their contradictions. Because our leaders lack the courage to tackle fossil fuels, citizens must take action. (Article extracted from Liberation, 15 May 2016) Read more

Recycling is remaking: a new life to recycled materials

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As part of the campaign ‘Recycling is remaking’ on various platforms (television, radio, print and web) Éco Entreprises Québec and RECYCQUÉBEC continue the campaign over three years by deploying the machine to recreate; a fun and experiential operation held in theaters in Montreal and its surroundings. Both partners have demonstrated, once again, to the public the second life that can be given to objects thrown in recycling bins!
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