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Plantui: An intelligent hydroponic garden

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Many persons hesitate to install a garden in their backyard in order to grow their own food at home. However, with the Smart Garden Plantui’s cultivation techniques, they no more have any excuses. This innovative project has been designed by Plantui Oy, a start-up based in Turku, Finland.

Curiosity drives us to search for new plants and new flavours – Janne Loiske

With Smart Garden Plantui you neither need any soil nor any gardening skills. This hydroponic innovative system allows you to grow up to six plants simultaneously up to 2m high as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, among other without pesticides or chemicals that may affect your health. It is suitable for many types of plants and is easy to use because you can adjust the care to each plant as they are cultivated manually or automatically; like the automatic sprinkler pump.

The system has an intelligent control that allows you to adjust light levels, as well as the light spectrum and intensity, and its irrigation. According to the spectrum of light, with its balance and its intensity, the flavour of the plant can be changed and this is itself surprising. The light used is equivalent to sunlight and can adapt so that most of the plant can take it.

Smart Garden Plantui is energy efficient as it has an operating cost of less than $ 30 a year, using about 120 kWh. The low power consumption prevents excess heat and the Smart Garden Plantui can supply about 5 kg of tomatoes each month.

Founded by Janne Loiske in 2007, Plantui Oy is continuing to make research for the betterment of its customers. “We are constantly surprised by how plants actually grow and how they have a plan of their own. Curiosity drives us to search for new plants and new flavours. Searching and experimenting is fun, and more fun comes from shared experiences” Loiske told Inspir’Action News.


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