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5 leaf clover

Dragonfly: A 20-ton sustainable residence in Sweden

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Last week we showcased the Bird’s Nest, one of the seven sustainable lodgings within the Treehotel in Sweden. This week we are presenting the Dragonfly, the 53-square-meter suite is supported by six pines and spruce trees. This is the largest aerial cabin operated in Treehotel concept resort.

Escape from daily stress to enjoy the serenity, architecture, environment, food and activities

Nestled in the Swedish forests, its creators have chosen to settle in the trees instead of shooting them down. When design combines with ecology, the result is decidedly amazing. The Dragonfly is a twenty tons wooden hut built by the Finnish architectural firm Rintala Eggertsson. With its twenty tons, it is the largest of the seven huts. Known as Five Leaved Clover, the attractive structure is located among the forests of Harads in northern Sweden.

5 leaf clover plan

The building is attached to six hundred-year-old pines and hangs six meters above the ground. Visitors will have to climb a two-story staircase to access it.

The 53 square meter suite consists of three bedrooms and can accommodate up to six residents, (it has two double beds per room) but could also be used as a conference room. The exterior is coated with worn steel, while the interior is covered with plywood. Like the other huts of the Treehotel, you will have a spectacular view from the Five-leaf clover.

5 leaf clover inside

The Dragonfly is a well-equipped conference room for up to 12 people. It is not only a great work room but can also be used as a conference room where business men and women can meet and escape from daily stress to enjoy the serenity, architecture, environment, food and activities, in an exhilarating atmosphere that opens up for creative meetings.

“At Treehotel, we always strive to limit the impact on the environment through our architecture and engineering,” says co-founder Kent Lindvall. “The five-leaf clover is a clear proof of it. Nothing like it has ever been done before.”



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