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An organization came up with ideas for a more inclusive France

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From the simple donation box to the more elaborate common pantry idea, this organization is bound to better the lives of its fellow citizens. Their organization whose name is ‘On a Pensé à Un Truc‘ which translates as “They came up with something” thinks outside the box and comes forward with innovative social projects.

Founded in Paris in 2015, ‘We thought of something’ gathers people with diverse profiles. Architects, designers, photographers or educators, they have one objective: to accompany citizens to an evolution in their urban environment.

The group is composed of Guillaume Richaud (Co-founder), Pierre Seron (Co-founder / Project Manager), Solène Assouan (Project Manager), Laura Gouiran (English Educator), Bruno Franceschi (Co-founder) and Maelle Ferre (Designer).

Making collaborative economics their credo, they want a redevelopment of social territory in the north of Paris. For this, they have embarked on innovative projects and have others in mind.

Solidarity pantry

Suspended at the gates of the Social Centre at Charenton Street, in the 12th constituency of Paris, you cannot fail to see it. As disassembled kitchen buffets (see photo) three wooden containers are waiting for their customers and well-wishers.

The first was designed for food: grocery (cereals, preserves …) with a bottle rack (milk, water, orange juice …). The second for fruit and vegetables, and the third for bakery and pastry. It is in fact the Parisians who take care of it; to fill it up and make good use of its content.

This initiative was created in collaboration with the association “Cap ou pas Cap?” in order to put a stop to food waste and at the same time weave and deepen the bonds of friendships and good neighbourhood.

“We thought of something” explains on its website that this “micro-participative urban project is seen as a way to federate the inhabitants around a project that touches them daily and of which they have the control, like actors in the transformation of their living space”.


Share space and Donation box

In August of last year we write that everyone must take advantage of the economy of sharing. Thus the Municipality of the 12th Constituency of Paris has created a reception and public awareness space with equipment and urban furniture geared towards the circular economy and the economy of sharing.

Other associations have partnered with “We thought of something” to design and create this furniture on wheels with its various lockers, books, wardrobe, barter, stuff, games, etc. Through this initiative, the town hall has wished for the recovery of waste and the fight against food waste. In addition to this, this space is the focus of friendly encounters very far from virtual friends.

“We thought of something” also created The Laboratory of Collective Intelligence and The Bubble. If these projects inspire you and you want to join them contact the association on Facebook  or by email But, at the same time,


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