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Plastic bottles as air conditioner in Bangladesh

in Innovation by

Bangladesh has a warm, rainy and humid tropical climate with temperatures climbing up to 45 degrees Celsius (113ºF) in summer. Most of the rural population of Bangladesh lives in corrugated iron huts that can become dangerously hot under the burning sun. Many homes have no electricity to operate affordable cooling devices, such as ceiling fans. A new social enterprise has had a simple idea to offer an inexpensive solution to the problem. Gray Dhaka, the Bangladeshi branch of the Gray advertising agency based in New York, and Grameen Intel Social Business, a social business information technology company created in 2009 by Grameen Trust and Intel, the ‘Eco-Cooler’. Read more

The Ocean Cleanup: Boyan Slat’s bet to clean the oceans

in Waste Management by

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean. Each year, 270,000 tons of plastic waste is released into the oceans. After three years of research, The Ocean Cleanup is preparing to test its system of plastic waste’s recovery in the seas. Read more

Leaf Republic offers biodegradable tree-leaf plates

in Sustainable development by

In order to make your fastest meals come together with eco-responsibility, German company Leaf Republic has devised a biodegradable alternative to cardboard or plastic plates in proposing leaf plates. After edible cutlery, here is the green plate. Fully biodegradable, they decompose in less than a month. The perfect ally for a picnic. But this is not their only asset: the plates also resist water, demodishing along the way their cardboard counterpart. And between us, eating in a leaf, will really makes you adventurous or spice up your life in the office. Read more

Wildpoldsried generates more energy than it needs

in Renewable Energy by

In Bavaria (southern Germany), a small town is breaking energy records. Its 2600 inhabitants are producing five times more electricity than they consume, a completely renewable electricity. Welcome to Wildpoldsried for the discovery of the secrets of its success. Read more

In the Arctic, a Norwegian family builds its self-sufficient house under a dome

in Sustainable Building by

The house of Ingrid and Benjamin Hjertefølger, surrounded by a garden, protected from the cold by a glass dome and heated by solar energy, is autonomous and sustainable. Read more

Berlin: Organic vegetables from a vertical greenhouse in a supermarket

in Agriculture/Innovation by
metro supermarche

A supermarket in Berlin has set up a vertical farm inside its store. Since then, consumers are enjoying organic products at a low cost as there are no intermediaries in the production line.

Read more

Dragonfly: A 20-ton sustainable residence in Sweden

in Sustainable Building by
5 leaf clover

Last week we showcased the Bird’s Nest, one of the seven sustainable lodgings within the Treehotel in Sweden. This week we are presenting the Dragonfly, the 53-square-meter suite is supported by six pines and spruce trees. This is the largest aerial cabin operated in Treehotel concept resort. Read more

Neighbourhood Exchange Box: Creating links for happy citizens in Switzerland

in Collaborative Economy by
boite echange en

He always liked to transform the cities and allow the meeting between the inhabitants to make them happy. Geneva’s Dan Acher presented an original idea; The Neighbourhood Exchange Box. Read more

An innovative shower recycles five gallons of water for two weeks

in Innovation by

If in Europe severe winter weather is wreaking havoc, on other continents drought is a serious issue. Scarcity of water is not a new issue especially in Africa. Two Japanese engineers seem to have found a spectacular answer to save water! Using the device they developed, you would take 50 showers … with only 20 litres of water! Read more

Incredible Edible: Todmorden is an example for the world

in Agriculture by

This collective and spontaneous solidarity movement is booming around the world. You could soon find, at the corner of your street, fruits and vegetables of first quality … and, above all, freely! This phenomenon, which originated in England, is that of the Incredible Edible.

Read more

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