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David Buehrer

Blacksmith: a handcrafted sustainable coffee

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There is neither aroma nor artificial additives in this Texan coffee. The cups are recycled or composted as well as the coffee beans and food waste are distributed to local farmers … More than just serving coffee, Blacksmith pays an undivided attention to the triple bottom-line; profit, people and planet.

If you are in Houston, Texas and want to have breakfast or a cup of coffee while taking account of the environment, go to the Blacksmith where “coffee artist” David Buehrer awaits.

Blacksmith is distinguished from the competition with its intense pledge to quality – starting with the ingredients. To keep their menu pure, natural and delicious, Blacksmith deals only with small farms which provide the freshest products. There is neither flavouring, nor artificial additives nor extracts in the menu.

Sustainable coffee at Blacksmith is concerned by social, financial and environmental responsibilities

According to David Buehrer, they do everything they can in-house and manually – from the supply of their own almond milk to the creation of fresh syrup with the European chocolate. “These additional measures allow us to save on costs and maintain our tradition of excellence and the unique signature of our products”, Buehrer added.

Sustainable coffee at Blacksmith is concerned by social, financial and environmental responsibilities. It is not merely recycling of the cups, but also composting. Coffee beans and food waste are distributed to the local farmers, who can use them for animal feed or for enriching the soil.


Blacksmith depends a lot on waste management to ensure the smooth running of his business. “One of the things that make us really happy with waste management is that you do not even notice they are here. They are so extremely trustworthy that you overlook they are doing their work, “concludes David Buehrer.

At Blacksmith they do whatever possible so that people dine-in rather than take-away. To this end, they build up a warm welcome and a sociable atmosphere. For Buehrer, less takeout containers mean less waste to landfill. “Sustainability is not limited to being the greenest property ever, but it also means that you need to be a successful business,” says David Buehrer. In the United States, 71 percent of consumers believe green is good for a purchase. Therefore, it’s not a secret how Blacksmith has both gathered sustainability and success.

In May this year, David Buehrer launched Morningstar, at 4721 North Main in the Heights, on the same model of Blacksmith with donuts as an extra component.


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