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Saule Technologies: A foil converts everyday objects into solar panels

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It is a like a breath of fresh air for the common people who wants to protect the planet. Saule Technologies delivers revolutionary solar panels in the form of low-cost flexible and lightweight foil.

This new technology can be used on any surface whether it is a roof, a window or even a smarphone

This Polish startup is currently developing this process using perovskite, named after a Russian mineralogist of the 19th century. This process is more efficient and less expensive than the use of silicon in conventional solar panels.

Synthetic perovskites can be produced using a technique similar to 3D printing while being extremely resistant. The major innovation is that this new technology can be used on any surface whether it is a roof, a window or even a smart phone. It is also intended for designers and architects who will be able to enjoy their almost transparent property to combine ecology and aesthetics.

The peculiarity of perovskites is that they can be found from natural elements such as stones or magma. However, they can also be recreated in the laboratory by chemical synthesis. They designate a family of material having a particular crystal structure. Those used for solar are said to be hybrid, comprising both organic and inorganic compounds. Perovskites are the largest light absorbers, surpassing silicon and gallium in this area.

Cuurently in the form of a prototype, Saul Technologies hopes to be able to commercialize this new generation of solar panels based on perovskites by 2017. “Their price will not be high, which multiplies their interest. I have a long-term goal that this can solve the energy problems encountered around the world and that this technology is even available in supermarkets so that electricity is no longer lacking,” explains Olga Malikiewicz, the founder of the company.


Olga Malikiewicz and her team presented their invention at a number of technology forums in Europe and the United States. They recently attracted a huge investment from billionaire Hideo Sawada. This Japanese is the founder of one of the largest Japanese travel companies H.I.S. and has also invested in a number of technology companies in the United States and Asia.


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