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Saphon Energy promotes bladeless Wind Energy Converter

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When we talk about wind energy, wind turbines with big propellers come to the mind. Inspir’Action.News featured wind turbines without propellers last year. Tunisian Anis Aouini goes even further with his Tyer Wind. It now seems that the biomimetic revolution – a scientific discipline aimed at imitating nature – is definitely on the move.

The Tyer Wind is the result of a profound and unlike observation of Nature. It is a extraordinary innovation that efficiently imitates the movement of the wings of one of the most energy proficient flyers: the hummingbird.
This device is not equipped with blades, but with swing wings that translate the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity based on the 3D Aouininan Kinematic developed by Anis Aouini.


The Tyer Wind also has some interesting advantages. A little like a bio-machine that is based on a kinematics perfectly imitating the movement of the wings of the hummingbird, Tyer Wind proves to be a very successful wind convertor. It is also an ecological device with a commanding capability for landscape amalgamation.
According to the partner and co-founder of Tyer Wind Hassine Labaied “this is the first time that a mechanical device has managed to imitate the movement of the hummingbird”.

Anis Aouini, President and Co-Founder of Saphon Energy, promoter of the Tyer Wind (hence its other name Saphonian), believes that “current wind turbine technology is not economically viable without significant government subsidies. Rather than asking wind power to defy the laws of economic gravity, we have invented a new, more efficient and less costly technology that can meet the challenge of climate change and growing demand for energy.”

This is the first time that a mechanical device has managed to imitate the movement of the hummingbird.

The Tyer Wind should completely change the game. It is likely to have a foremost impact on how we generate green energy in the future. It should inspire the production of distributed energy and help to rationalize the production of large electricity suppliers.

Anis Aouini was successful with Saphon Energy. Twice as efficient as a conventional wind turbine, its prototype attracts many investors in Asia and Africa. Thus, Microsoft 4Afrika entered into partnership with Saphon Energy.
With such accomplishment, the founders have proved that their invention is not a bag of wind.


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