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Tiny100 in Berlin: Small houses worth 100 Euros per month

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In Europe, accommodation is becoming extremely expensive. In big cities, like London, Paris, Vienna or Roma, people with average incomes are finding it extremely difficult to rent a house. They are trying by all means to look for new ways for a decent lodging. Fortunately, here and there, people are working on solutions for the future. Berlin is far from being an exception where affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce. An architect has decided to construct a Tiny house for hundred Euros monthly, reported!

Long known for being one of the cheapest cheap cities in Europe, Berlin is no longer what it used to be. In order to put an stop to this  denounce this observable fact, but with a solution at hand, architect Van Bo Le Mentzel of the local collective “Tinyhouse” created a prototype of a micro-house that the Berliners will be able to rent to the tune of 100 Euros per month.

tiny house

Called Tiny100, this house, with its 2,30 metres by three incarnated minimalism! 6,4m2 therefore, in a very nice light wood, with large windows, where a kitchenette, a wood stove, a bed, a desk, a sofa and a toilet! You may ask yourself what is the trick to get all this inside. A ceiling height of 3,60 metres. The idea behind it is obviously very political. The members of the collective defend the idea that everyone should have the right to live in the city, even beggars or bottle collectors for example, who live on average with 400 Euros.tiny team

A family of four could rent four Tiny100 and pay 400 Euros rent

With an objective of pushing the project even further, the collective even plans to develop a village of tiny houses, a residential complex of Tiny100 in 2019. Thus, in addition to their homes, tenants grouped by small block will benefit from a common space of 42m2 where it will be possible to cook, play with children or just work. Better still, Van Bo Le Mentzel and his associates even imagine houses that can “breathe”, in other words, with flexible floors. The promoters want to be able to modulate the interior. A family of four people could suddenly rent four Tiny100 and pay 400 Euros rent for an apartment meeting their need.

The concept is not at all a utopia, on the contrary! Since March this year, twenty Tiny100 have been installed in the gardens of the Bahaus Archiv, the Berlin museum realized by Walter Gropius. So if you are in Berlin you can take advantage to discover them. They are exhibited for a year!


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