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SAKILI: From recycled advertising banners to an upcycled ecological bag

in Innovation by

On 1st January 2016, the government of Mauritius banned the use of plastic bags. While Mauritians were looking for alternatives, the Junggee couple came forward with a bright ecological and sustainable idea. They launched 100% ecological upcycled bags made from used advertising banners. Read more

Leaf Republic offers biodegradable tree-leaf plates

in Sustainable development by

In order to make your fastest meals come together with eco-responsibility, German company Leaf Republic has devised a biodegradable alternative to cardboard or plastic plates in proposing leaf plates. After edible cutlery, here is the green plate. Fully biodegradable, they decompose in less than a month. The perfect ally for a picnic. But this is not their only asset: the plates also resist water, demodishing along the way their cardboard counterpart. And between us, eating in a leaf, will really makes you adventurous or spice up your life in the office. Read more

An artificial island in North Sea to provide 80 millions of Europeans with green energy!

in Renewable Energy by

In northern Europe, an artificial island project was proposed by two companies European companies with the objective of providing clean energy to about 80 million people.
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Compression-moulded vessels made from cow’s milk

in Sustainable development by

Tessa Silva-Dawson, a design student at the Royal College of Art in London, is using cow’s milk to create a natural alternative to plastic. A product that does not use non-renewable sources and has the same performance as “bad” plastic, the one we are used to and which we produce from fossil fuels. Read more

Adidas creates swimwear from recycled plastic from the oceans

in Waste Management by

Adidas reveals its Parley swimming collection designed with Parley Ocean Plastic. This collaboration has already given rise to soccer jerseys and the first shoes created from marine plastic waste, with the support of Sea Shepherd. Read more

Ecorider ski school: towards sustainable solutions

in Environment by

Skiing is definitely a fun activity but it also has a considerable impact on the environment including global warming. Some people like Stéphane Lagarde became aware of this state of affairs and launched Ecorider, the first school of skiing and snowboarding that fights global warming in the Chamonix Valley at Mont Blanc.

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The Bird’s Nest: Branch into the luxurious Swedish hotel room

in Sustainable Building by

Fans of nature you intend to go on vacation but you are tired of the classic hotels. Why not book a Treehotel designed by seven Scandinavian architects and run by Kent Lindvall and his wife Britta in Sweden.

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Saule Technologies: A foil converts everyday objects into solar panels

in Renewable Energy by
Saule EN

It is a like a breath of fresh air for the common people who wants to protect the planet. Saule Technologies delivers revolutionary solar panels in the form of low-cost flexible and lightweight foil. Read more

Toyota Setsuna: An electric two-seater roadster made of wood

in Innovation by

At a time when all automobiles manufacturers are struggling with new models and technological advances Toyota launched… a wooden car. Yes, you read well! The Toyota Setsuna is a small electric two-seater roadster made of wood and distinguished by the material chosen for the bodywork, the chassis and the interior furniture. Read more

Billionaires join hands for green energy to save the planet

in Renewable Energy by

It is only a beginning of a green year ahead. After Google announced it will switch to 100% renewable energy in 2017, American philanthropist Bill Gates is orchestrating a coalition of wealthy donors committed to investing more than a billion dollars in innovative technologies in clean energy to fight global warming.

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