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The Bird’s Nest: Branch into the luxurious Swedish hotel room

in Sustainable Building by

Fans of nature you intend to go on vacation but you are tired of the classic hotels. Why not book a Treehotel designed by seven Scandinavian architects and run by Kent Lindvall and his wife Britta in Sweden.

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Ile-de-France: The Gally’s farm offers responsible farming

in Agriculture by

It is always difficult to go shopping with the children. But at the Gally’s farm, a founding member of the network “Chapeau de Paille” (Straw Hat) in Yvelines, it’s a real treat with a self-service collection. Read more

Brikawood: An ecological house built with wooden bricks

in Innovation by
Source: Brikawood

[Please do no contact the news team of Inspir’Action! We’re not owners nor reseller of Brikawood. See contact details below.]

The construction of a house has never looked so simple and fun. French startup Catharhome has developed an ecological and economical wooden brick named Brikawood.
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An amazing sustainable food project in Rotterdam

in Sustainable economy by

Can you imagine of the rearing of cows on water? This is a remarkable project of 2.5 million Euros by Rotterdam’s floating dairy farm aiming at reconnecting Rotterdam’s inhabitants with their food. Moored in the port of Rotterdam, the floating farm will be inaugurated in January 2017. Its 40 cows produce 1 200 liters of milk per day, processed and sold locally. (Article published in The Guardian by Senay Boztas, 4 July 2016) Read more

Belgian scientists transform urine into beer and fertilizer

in Waste Management by
urine participants
Participants queue up to give their urine
Participants queue up to give their urine

“Pee for science”  is the name of the operation that led to Ghent University researchers to collect more than 1 000 liters of urine which they have transformed into drinking water, then into beer and fertilizers for developing countries. (Article from We Demain, 1 August 2016)

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Malta became the first EU country to ban Glyphosate

in Agriculture by

Malta is one more step in its fight for our planet. The Mediterranean island is the first country of the European Union to ban glyphosate, a carcinogenic herbicide. Read more

Organic agriculture is more profitable for farmers

in Agriculture by
Photo: Peter Lüthi, Biovision
Photo: Peter Lüthi, Biovision

Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Kenya has undertaken a 10-year research showing that organic agriculture produces similar yields like the traditional methods but is more profitable. (Article published on the website of FiBL, June 30, 2016)

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An Indian produces edible cutlery to save the planet

in Innovation by

Spoon Bakeys

An Indian researcher in agriculture invents edible spoons that can be used to eat your food, and eaten up afterwards. Peesapaty Narayana has sold more than 1.5 million edible spoons in India. But his ambition goes well beyond his territory; he wants a massive production worldwide. Read more

Women entrepreneurs in Ireland: unity is growing!

in Collaborative Economy by
Cool Beans founders Sarah O'Connor and Isolde Johnson
Cool Beans founders Sarah O’Connor and Isolde Johnson

Facilitate the development of companies led by ambitious women by connecting them with more experienced counterparts. This is an initiative in Ireland called Going for Growth. This program won last year, the European Prize for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the category “Investment in business skills.” Read more

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