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reducing CO2 emissions

Los Angeles is painting its streets white to guard against climate change

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And if it were enough to paint the roads in white to limit the extreme heat in the city? This is what the city of Los Angeles is experiencing, where temperatures are around 40 ° C in summer. This simple technique requires very little investment for an immediate result. The city of the Angels is one of the first megacities in the world to test what are called “cool pavements” or “fresh pavements”. The principle is simple: apply a clear special coating and avoid reflections. Armed with perch rollers, the technical services of the municipality began to repaint the bitumen throughout the city at the beginning of August. Read more

Argilus replaces over-polluting cement with green concrete

in Sustainable development by

The founders of Argilus are persuaded that they invented the “concrete of tomorrow”. When current concrete requires the use of expensive marine sands, their High Performance Alkaline Activation (HP2A) technology makes it possible to produce concrete from desert sands or from deconstruction of buildings. Above all, this technology would significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with cement manufacturing. The first stone of the new production site was laid in the region of Vendée in France. Argilus, based in Chaillée-sous-les-Ormeaux, has as objective to market the first products at the beginning of 2018. Read more

Plastic bottles as air conditioner in Bangladesh

in Innovation by

Bangladesh has a warm, rainy and humid tropical climate with temperatures climbing up to 45 degrees Celsius (113ºF) in summer. Most of the rural population of Bangladesh lives in corrugated iron huts that can become dangerously hot under the burning sun. Many homes have no electricity to operate affordable cooling devices, such as ceiling fans. A new social enterprise has had a simple idea to offer an inexpensive solution to the problem. Gray Dhaka, the Bangladeshi branch of the Gray advertising agency based in New York, and Grameen Intel Social Business, a social business information technology company created in 2009 by Grameen Trust and Intel, the ‘Eco-Cooler’. Read more

CityTree cleans as much pollution as 275 trees

in Environment by

Designed by the start-up Green City Solutions, the CityTree project aims to reduce pollution in cities by using foam lined on walls 4 metres high and 3 metres wide and 60 centimetres thick. Purpose: to purify the surrounding air, making pollution a nutritional source.

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Dongtan produced 100% renewable energy for one week

in Renewable Energy by

The people of Qinghai province in northwest China have been lit and heated for seven days by solar, wind and a hydraulic dam. The 6 million inhabitants manage to live just with green energies last week. This is a clear proof that the Chinese want to become exemplary in the fight against pollution. Read more

Climeworks captures CO2 from the atmosphere

in Environment by

In order to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreements after COP 21, we must be inventive. In addition to a technology that allows CO2 to be extracted from the ambient air and not only from factory chimneys like other technologies, Climeworks values this gas, whose excess emissions upset the climate. In Zürich, a greenhouse will soon be fed by the company’s modular sensors. Already an Audi partner, Climeworks also discusses with soda water producers for an industrial ecology application when waste becomes a resource. Read more

India will have only electric cars by 2030

in Transportation by
india electric-car

India, which faces a huge pollution problem, is multiplying ecological measures. We recently introduced you to plastic roads as well as the conversion of waste into fuel. This time a new level has been reached when Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal announces that all the cars marketed in 2030 will be electric.

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Germans are ready to give up their cars for the planet

in Transportation by
cycle germany 1

A study on environmental awareness has shown that two-thirds of Germans want a better infrastructure for cycling. In large cities, 60 per cent of drivers could imagine the changeover to bus and train. Less dependent on the car, that would make life better. 91 per cent of Germans are of that opinion and they think that this will help to save the planet. Read more

Renault Zoé: Contributing to the energy transition

in Transportation by

Renault continues to innovate in the field of automotive power and it seems that this is only the beginning, as proof, with their new Zoé, a city car with a range of 400 km. Read more

Berlin: Organic vegetables from a vertical greenhouse in a supermarket

in Agriculture/Innovation by
metro supermarche

A supermarket in Berlin has set up a vertical farm inside its store. Since then, consumers are enjoying organic products at a low cost as there are no intermediaries in the production line.

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