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Ireland decides to totally divest from fossil energy

in New economy by

Ireland is sending the right signal to the world. The country enacts a law to become the first country in the world to get rid of fossil fuels.
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Dutch trains fuel only on wind

in Transportation by
train PBas

This is a world’s first for the railways in Netherlands. Projected to run 100 percent on wind energy by 2018, they have reached their objectives one year before. Read more

Toyota Setsuna: An electric two-seater roadster made of wood

in Innovation by

At a time when all automobiles manufacturers are struggling with new models and technological advances Toyota launched… a wooden car. Yes, you read well! The Toyota Setsuna is a small electric two-seater roadster made of wood and distinguished by the material chosen for the bodywork, the chassis and the interior furniture. Read more

UK wind generated more electricity than coal in 2016

in Renewable Energy by

Is a world without fossil fuels turning out to be a reality? A study by Carbon Brief in the United Kingdom reveals that the gradual abandonment of coal is possible. For the first time last year, wind farms in UK produced more electricity than coal-powered plants.

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Google will switch to 100% renewable energy in 2017

in Renewable Energy by
google en

By 2017, Google will use 100% renewable energy for its operations, including its computer data centers. According to their plan, this target should not be reached until 2025. Read more

Valerian: The organic garden that soothes souls and the earth

in Agriculture by
Pont passerelle en granit, Imperata cylindrica 'Red Dragon', Prunus incisa 'Kojo No Mai', Schoenoplectus

At the Jardin de Valériane which rides between Saint Etienne and the Rive-de-Gier in the Loire, talented owners have created a garden with beautiful herbaceous borders and superb shrubs. This organic garden has a wealth of vegetable material embellished with an astonishing use of colors. Read more

India: Conversion of local waste into fuel

in Transportation by

Of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, 13 are found in India, and over 600,000 Indians die as a result of air pollution every year. Along with this, air pollution caused by vehicles is a big issue. The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world. Many initiatives have been planned to curb it. But the most effective one these days seem to be the use of a cost-effective fuel made from local sewage or waste known as Biogas. Read more

Bordeaux: Employees encouraged to bike to work

in Transportation by
Loïc dans l'atelier vélo - Photo: Stéphanie Brossard

Bordeaux in France has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002 and since then it has worked towards a clean and soft urban transportation system.  It has considerably developed its network of bicycle paths. In spite of this, some persons are finding it difficult to take the bike to get to work and leave their car at home. The lack of a bike repair shop, in case of a problem, was a brake on this approach. But since the installation of a workshop in an enterprise this has given a boost to the employees. Read more

ITYF improves the life of 30,000 families in Peru

in Collaborative Economy by

In Peru, the main economic activities are mining, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing. Poverty level is around 26 % and there are some very poor Indigenous population in the Andes. A local NGO, ITYF, supported by Livelihoods, is helping to fight deforestation and improve the health of 30,000 families in Huancavelica and Ayacucho regions. Read more

France launches 100% conventional electric helicopter

in Renewable Energy/Transportation by

The National Civil Aviation School and Aquinea, the two main partners in this project can jubilate. The maiden flight of the first 100% conventional electric helicopter, named Volta, was a success. Read more

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