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Renewable Energy

Climeworks captures CO2 from the atmosphere

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In order to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreements after COP 21, we must be inventive. In addition to a technology that allows CO2 to be extracted from the ambient air and not only from factory chimneys like other technologies, Climeworks values this gas, whose excess emissions upset the climate. In Zürich, a greenhouse will soon be fed by the company’s modular sensors. Already an Audi partner, Climeworks also discusses with soda water producers for an industrial ecology application when waste becomes a resource. Read more

India will have only electric cars by 2030

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india electric-car

India, which faces a huge pollution problem, is multiplying ecological measures. We recently introduced you to plastic roads as well as the conversion of waste into fuel. This time a new level has been reached when Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal announces that all the cars marketed in 2030 will be electric.

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Emmanuel Macron’s win: France to double green energy by 2022

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French President-elect Emmanuel Macron celebrates on the stage at his victory rally near the Louvre in Paris, France

Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the Republic of France after beating the extreme right candidate Marine Le Pen in a second round marked by a strong abstention. The independent centrist candidate of “En Marche”, 39, will become the eighth president of the Fifth Republic, the youngest in history, obtaining between 65.9% of votes against Marine Le Pen. He promised to bring together a torn France and to renew the ties between Europe and France, also building on a project of sustainable society headlining agriculture, environment, transport and energies. All in all Macron wants to double green energy (wind and solar) by 2022 and thus reduce the use of nuclear energy. A program that aims to make France “the world leader in research on the environmental transition”. Read more

The most ecological school in the world is in Indonesia

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This school in Bali has been recognized as a world reference. With a passionate community of teachers, learning takes place in an unusual environment.

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Positive Energy Territories take off in France

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They are sailing into the wind in France. These more sober and cleaner models of development are territories with positive energy for a green growth. It is an integral plan that oscillates around six axes with concrete projects for a smooth energy and ecological transition. Currently, 442 communities have been involved in this process. Read more

A Parisian swimming pool heated by sewage system

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Winter is approaching Europe at a fast pace. The Aspirant Dunand swimming pool, located at a stone’s throw from the Catacombs of Paris, has been innovated in a totally ecological way. As such, sewer water that runs underneath the pool is now used to heat the pool as well as the showers.

Aspirant-Dunand swimming pool. Source:
Aspirant Dunand swimming pool. Source:

Heating a municipal swimming pool does not only has high cost implications but also entails great energy consumption. Until now, the Aspirant Dunand pool in the 14th arrondissement of Paris was being heated exclusively with electricity, soaring consumption to 1,310 megawatt hours (MWh) per year. The department in charge of this public infrastructure decided that it would be wise and innovative to invest in a cheaper and ecological heating system for the 25-meter-long pool and showers.

After several months of testing, the project was finalized and executed in October 2016. This new system reduced the pool’s electricity consumption by 50%. It is a first in Paris.

The idea of using sewage water is ingenious because the temperature of this water varies between 13 and 20 degrees throughout the year, regardless of seasons. A system of heat exchangers allows the waste water to heat the water of the pool and showers without any direct contact.

The heat is captured by metal plates installed in the sewers meandering under the pool. The desired temperature is then distributed in the pool and showers via heat pumps. The system – known as “Blue Degrees” – was created and installed by Suez Eau France. The company already has a dozen similar projects on its account.

Paris has set itself the objective of encouraging swimming pools to reduce their energy consumption by 20% within the next four years

City Hall of Paris. Source:
City Hall of Paris. Source:

This project is part of the sustainable development plan of Paris to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project also aims at promoting renewable energies so that the Parisian administration can rely on up to 30% of green energy by 2020.

The sewage network extending over 2,400 kilometers should be regarded as having a good potential for other uses. It presents itself as an attractive heating alternative for the 39 other swimming pools spread across Paris. Apart from the pools, 25 diverse sites have already engaged themselves into projects based on renewable energy. For example, the city hall of Paris is itself already being heated thanks to the sewage network since 2015.

Morocco flaunts its green mosques at COP22

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Maroc Mosque soir

In the Muslim world; projects for ecological places of worship are multiplying. With the opening of the COP22 Climate Conference today in Marrakech, Morocco wants its mosques to turn green. Read more

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