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A planetary call to ‘Break Free’ from fossil fuels

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Australia, Turkey, Philippines… Throughout the month of May, activists have mobilised to put some countries to face their contradictions. Because our leaders lack the courage to tackle fossil fuels, citizens must take action. (Article extracted from Liberation, 15 May 2016) Read more

Norway wants to become the greenest country in the world

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Norway ambitions to top the list in Greenest Countries in the world. Already in the second spot behind Sweden, according to the rankings of the Global Green Economy Index, the country now intends to ban the sale of all vehicles running on gasoline by the next decade. Read more

Metro de Santiago to run mostly on solar and wind energy

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Metro chili

Chile President Michelle Bachelet announced that Santiago (capital of Chile) train soon would run on solar and wind energy! The Metro de Santiago is far from being a small commuter train. Used daily by 2.5 million people, it has 5 lines to 108 stations and 110 km of railways! No less.

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One-third of the world’s electricity to be green in 2050

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Solar panel

In its annual report on energy technologies published on 1 June 2016, entitled Energy Technology Perspectives 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said the installation of solar panels on the roofs of buildings could afford to provide one-third of the power consumption of the towns within 40 years.

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San Diego to run exclusively on renewable energy by 2035

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San Diego en

Many countries and cities are promoting renewable energy. San Diego is the second largest region in the United States which generates electricity from solar energy. A research has been conducted in order to further increase the use of renewable energy in the day to day running of the municipality. (Article extracted from Solar Crunch, May8, 2016). Read more

Energy from coal hits zero for first time ever in UK

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Uk coal enThis is another nail in the coal’s coffin. New figures released this week in the United Kingdom (UK) show wind generated more electricity than coal for the first time in 100 years. Earlier this month, the amount of electricity generated from coal in the UK fell to zero on numerous times. Some experts are suggesting that this low hasn’t happened since the first coal-fired generator opened in London in 1882.

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