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Norway wants to become the greenest country in the world

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Norway ambitions to top the list in Greenest Countries in the world. Already in the second spot behind Sweden, according to the rankings of the Global Green Economy Index, the country now intends to ban the sale of all vehicles running on gasoline by the next decade.

After consultation, politicians of different political parties in the country have reached a consensus: use only green cars by 2025. This information was published in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv. Yet some representatives of the right are not agreeable to this. They argued that if this decision is adopted, it will have a negative and very heavy impact on many of the money funds from Norway based on the country’s oil industry.

Speaking of a possible ban on gasoline cars, Elon Musk, CEO of the American Society of electric car Tesla Motors, welcomed this initiative. He found Norway as an “incredibly impressive country”. About 24% of the country’s cars already run on electricity, and Norway became a major producer of renewable energy. Over 99% of the electricity used in this country is produced by water.

Norway also aims to triple its wind power capacity by 2020, having already allocated $ 3 billion in this sector. This investment was approved in 2013. In the same vein, the Norwegian government has also decided to review a climate tax on electricity. In addition to this, the country covets to grab the title of the first country to say no to 100% deforestation.

The four parties in government, through a proportional representation system, also agreed to a new climate tax on electricity.

Incredibly impressive country”

Always aware of their rich resources such as fishing, water and fossil fuels, the Norwegians were among the first Europeans to be concerned about the protection of the environment. Beyond postcards mountains’ overlooking the sea and the spectacular northern lights, stands indeed a modern country seeking to protect its natural heritage. Globally, Norway is working with several partners to obtain technical exchanges and financial assistance. Research centers in Trondheim are working closely with the major groups in Europe, the US, China and Japan on climate technology.

The ecological habits are embedded in everyday life, in education and in the common rules of “living together” in Norway. Recycling is taught from childhood, cycling is widespread, and children learn botany from a very young age: ecology and education are constantly connected to each other. Living in Norway nowadays means enjoying a comfortable life while making with the ecosystem.



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