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New Zealanders preserve the ecosystem of a Awaroa beach

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Awaroa Beach
Awaroa Beach

At a time when the whole world seems overrun by human constructs, a small New Zealand beach has resisted to developers. A pretty citizens’ initiative to preserve its ecosystem.At the northern tip of the South Island, the lower part of New Zealand lays a white sandy beach by the name of Awaroa. Clear water and green hills surround this small piece of land. This beach, “remarkable utopia of seven hectares,” similar to the “paradise on Earth” was sold as such by the New Zealand real estate agencies.

Accessible only by boat or helicopter, Awaroa was put on sale in 2015 by its former owner, Michael Spackman, a ruined entrepreneur who acquired it in 2008 for 1.30 million Euros. Although Spackman never restricted access to the public, the sale then created a panic among the locals.

Panicked by the possible arrival of building developers, the New Zealanders took the matter in hand. A local pastor, Duane Major, has launched a crowdfunding campaign that people can continue to gain access to this so particular ecosystem, near the Abel Tasman National Park.

Awaroa beach is now in the public domain

The announcement was posted on the site Givealittle as “a Christmas gift to New Zealand” by Duane Major. 40,000 donations amounting to 1.4 million Euros were gathered. Even the government was involved in the transaction by giving about 317 660 Euros.

Integrated mid-July to Abel Tasman Park, the Awaroa beach is now in the public domain and belongs to the 4.4 million New Zealanders. Nicky Wagner, Deputy Minister of Environmental Conservation, was pleased to be able to preserve this little piece of land “for generations”.


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