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Scotch vats turn into a sustainable village

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Whisky lovers will feel at home in the Findhorn barrels. Manufactured from giant whisky tanks the barrels house a community of 500 residents. Thanks to their commitment to the environment, so that the eco-village has a very low ecological footprint, this community has received attention in recent years.

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Dragonfly: A 20-ton sustainable residence in Sweden

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5 leaf clover

Last week we showcased the Bird’s Nest, one of the seven sustainable lodgings within the Treehotel in Sweden. This week we are presenting the Dragonfly, the 53-square-meter suite is supported by six pines and spruce trees. This is the largest aerial cabin operated in Treehotel concept resort. Read more

BedZED: an exemplary eco-village in London

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Bedzed en

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had a vision for a greener future. The Beddington Zero Energy Development was launched during his tenure in 2002. Fifteen years later, BedZED is the largest eco-village in the United Kingdom, a mixed set of dwellings and offices located in Beddington, London Borough of Sutton.

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Brikawood: An ecological house built with wooden bricks

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Source: Brikawood

[Please do no contact the news team of Inspir’Action! We’re not owners nor reseller of Brikawood. See contact details below.]

The construction of a house has never looked so simple and fun. French startup Catharhome has developed an ecological and economical wooden brick named Brikawood.
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The first building designed for a life without car in Sweden

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In Malmö, an architectural firm designed a building without garages or parking spaces, but to accommodate those who use their bike every day, whether to go to work or for shopping. (Article by Pauline Jallon in We Demain, September 6, 2016)
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An amazing “foresidence” in Turin

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The forest- residence 25 Verde allows its residents to stay in the heart of the trees and escape from the Turin urban homogeneity. And the city comes alive.

A combination of live trees and steel branches dresses this unique 5-storey building designed by Italian architect Luciano Pia. The structure consists of 63 apartments, each having a terrace and plants just beyond their windows and walls. Every variety of plant has been chosen tenaciously from deciduous plant life in Turin to give a big diversity of colour, flora, and blossoming.

The city comes alive

Above-ground, 150 trees absorb 200 000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour and protect residents from noise. The seasonal pattern of trees also offers a microclimate favorable to residents during cold or hot seasons. And then there are the varieties of colors and flowering.

This concept of vertical forest is booming in Italy. In a previous article, we wrote how it is evolving in Milan.

Forest residence turin

Human and plants coexist in a self-sufficient house in Sweden

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In the south of Sweden, close to Lake Vättern, the architects of the Gothenburg office ‘Tailor Made Arkitekter’ have designed a self-sufficient house.

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Eco Domum turns plastic waste into affordable housing in Mexico

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mexico ecodomum 1
The type of plastic waste recovered

Mexican startup Eco Domum, created in 2013, has an ecological and solidarity vocation. Through recycling, it gives a second life to plastic waste and offers low-cost housing to the poor. Read more

An Eco-village built with plastic bottles in Panama

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panama bottles
© Plastic Bottle Village

This is the first eco-village in the world built from over a million plastic bottles. They build 120 houses and call it Plastic Bottle Village. Read more

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