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sustainable residential building

Shanghai: From skyscrapers to towering vertical farms that grow fruit and vegetables

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In China, Shanghai still remains the most populated city with its some 24 million inhabitants. In the middle of metal and glass skyscrapers, a project is emerging It is a very large project in eastern China that has just started and will see the light of day in 2018. It is an urban farm of more than 100 hectares for sustainable agriculture and food independence. Its main objective is to reorient a whole district towards urban agriculture! Read more

Tiny100 in Berlin: Small houses worth 100 Euros per month

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In Europe, accommodation is becoming extremely expensive. In big cities, like London, Paris, Vienna or Roma, people with average incomes are finding it extremely difficult to rent a house. They are trying by all means to look for new ways for a decent lodging. Fortunately, here and there, people are working on solutions for the future. Berlin is far from being an exception where affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce. An architect has decided to construct a Tiny house for hundred Euros monthly, reported!

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Scotch vats turn into a sustainable village

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Whisky lovers will feel at home in the Findhorn barrels. Manufactured from giant whisky tanks the barrels house a community of 500 residents. Thanks to their commitment to the environment, so that the eco-village has a very low ecological footprint, this community has received attention in recent years.

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Sustainable tourism in the middle of a Swedish forest

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The Scandinavian design already has a reputation for modernity, audacity and a little oddity, which makes its beauty. In our series on the Treehotel in Sweden we stop this week at the ‘Mirrorcube’, a glass mirror box suspended around the trunk of a tree.

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Dragonfly: A 20-ton sustainable residence in Sweden

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5 leaf clover

Last week we showcased the Bird’s Nest, one of the seven sustainable lodgings within the Treehotel in Sweden. This week we are presenting the Dragonfly, the 53-square-meter suite is supported by six pines and spruce trees. This is the largest aerial cabin operated in Treehotel concept resort. Read more

The Bird’s Nest: Branch into the luxurious Swedish hotel room

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Fans of nature you intend to go on vacation but you are tired of the classic hotels. Why not book a Treehotel designed by seven Scandinavian architects and run by Kent Lindvall and his wife Britta in Sweden.

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BedZED: an exemplary eco-village in London

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Bedzed en

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had a vision for a greener future. The Beddington Zero Energy Development was launched during his tenure in 2002. Fifteen years later, BedZED is the largest eco-village in the United Kingdom, a mixed set of dwellings and offices located in Beddington, London Borough of Sutton.

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Brikawood: An ecological house built with wooden bricks

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Source: Brikawood

[Please do no contact the news team of Inspir’Action! We’re not owners nor reseller of Brikawood. See contact details below.]

The construction of a house has never looked so simple and fun. French startup Catharhome has developed an ecological and economical wooden brick named Brikawood.
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The first “zero energy, zero emissions, zero waste” house in Stuttgart

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Perched on a small hill in Baden-Württemberg, this Aktivhaus (active house), designed by architect Werner Sobek, produces two times more energy than it consumes. The “triple zero” house is the pride of Stuttgart, Germany. Read more

World’s biggest Passivhaus under-construction in Germany

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Heidelberg Village

Do you want to develop your children in a family environment, without giving up the advantages of the city? Are you a single parent who appreciates good infrastructure? Or do you need help or attach importance to maximum independence and flexibility? Well, the Heidelberg Village in south-west Germany will be your next home. Read more

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