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World’s first zero-emission hydrogen-powered train in Germany

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Coradia iLint. This is a non-polluting and non-electric train unveiled by French train construction company Alstom at InnoTrans, an international trade fair for transport technology. Germany is set to host this world’s first zero-emission, hydrogen passenger train in 2017.

Currently, all railways are electrified. In Germany, some 4000 diesel trains are still operating. They decided to find a less polluting alternative and solicited Alstom.
“Alstom is proud to introduce a revolutionary innovation in clean transport, which will complement its range of regional trains Coradia. This innovation demonstrates our ability to work closely with our customers and to develop a process in just two years,” Henri Poupart-Lafarge, President and CEO of Alstom told the media in Berlin.

It emits only steam and condensed water. The train is also considerably quieter than diesel railcars.

Coradia iLint is the first train in the world without CO2 emissions. The power supply of the train and its onboard equipment are produced by a hydrogen fuel cell and stored in lithium-Ion batteries. As an electric car, the batteries are recharged during braking. It emits only steam and condensed water. The train is also considerably quieter than diesel railcars and this will surely delight those living in close immediacy to railway tracks.


Photo: Alstom


The hydrail’s top speed is said to be 140 km/h and can cover a range of 600 to 800 km. It can carry 300 passengers, half of them in seats.

Alstom has, however, not unveiled its price but responded that it will be cheaper than the cost of electrification when travelling by diesel trains.

Hydrogen-powered trains have been developed by engineers for the past 15 years, mainly in the transport of goods.

In 2006, the East Japan Railway Company conducted the first test run for a hydrail railcar. In 2015, the South China Rail Corporation a Chinese company introduced the first hydrail tram trams running on fuel cell technology.

Besides Germany, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands have also shown their interest in the hydrail.


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