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Sustainable development - page 4

Eco Domum turns plastic waste into affordable housing in Mexico

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mexico ecodomum 1
The type of plastic waste recovered

Mexican startup Eco Domum, created in 2013, has an ecological and solidarity vocation. Through recycling, it gives a second life to plastic waste and offers low-cost housing to the poor. Read more

Documentary “Tomorrow” inspires civic initiatives in Belgium

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belgique en The movie “Tomorrow” (Demain) is a hit in Belgium with several citizen initiatives are emerging. They want to transform their village sustainably through the common thought. Read more

An Eco-village built with plastic bottles in Panama

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panama bottles
© Plastic Bottle Village

This is the first eco-village in the world built from over a million plastic bottles. They build 120 houses and call it Plastic Bottle Village. Read more

Some companies run 100% on Renewable Energy

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Installation of solar panels
Installation of solar panels

A growing number of major companies, including Google and Mars, are turning to renewable energy. This not only helps the planet but also the finances. Read more

Eco & Eco: sustainable development in action

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Eco friendly products
Eco friendly products

Most companies pioneering in the field of ecology still insist to transform our simple actions to promote sustainable development. Since 2007, Marie-Claude Dumais operates in a green lifestyle and eco-friendly. Read more

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