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zero deforestation

Women in Burkina Faso support an efficient cookstove

in Sustainable development by
burina livelihoods

In Burkina Faso, deforestation is a major issue since 80% of the national energy needs are fuelled by firewood. This Livelihoods Fund project aims to help rural people adapt to desertification and climate change by adopting environmentally friendly cookers they will make themselves. A revolution for their daily lives that slows the deforestation of the Sahel. Read more

Children plant 14 billion trees to save the planet

in Sustainable development by
Plant planet

In 2007, a 10-year-old German decided to plant trees for the benefit of the planet. Today, Felix Finkbeiner is 20 and the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative he launched has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 14 billion trees already planted. Read more

Use clean energy to combat global warming

in Sustainable economy by

stopConsensus materializes around a very important fact: it is imperative that we move quickly to clean energy. However, even the best case scenario would not be enough to avoid climate catastrophe. Reason: the burning of fossil represents only about 70% of all emissions of greenhouse gases. The remaining 30% are from various causes that must also be addressed. Read more

Norway is the first country to commit to zero deforestation

in Agriculture by
Pine forest in Norway
Pine forest in Norway

This is good news for forest conservation: Norway is becoming the first country to officially choose the path of zero deforestation. This is one of the main causes of pollution and climate change.
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