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recycled plastic bottles

A French engineer created a 100% biodegradable plastic

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In an article last year, we featured a young Icelandic who produced a bottle of biodegradable water from seaweed. We can now say he is not alone as in France Nicolas Moufflet, is the first person in the world to launch the concept of bottles made from sugar cane or even olive kernels. Thanks to a secret process, these bottles are biodegradable and compostable. Read more

Plastic bottles as air conditioner in Bangladesh

in Innovation by

Bangladesh has a warm, rainy and humid tropical climate with temperatures climbing up to 45 degrees Celsius (113ºF) in summer. Most of the rural population of Bangladesh lives in corrugated iron huts that can become dangerously hot under the burning sun. Many homes have no electricity to operate affordable cooling devices, such as ceiling fans. A new social enterprise has had a simple idea to offer an inexpensive solution to the problem. Gray Dhaka, the Bangladeshi branch of the Gray advertising agency based in New York, and Grameen Intel Social Business, a social business information technology company created in 2009 by Grameen Trust and Intel, the ‘Eco-Cooler’. Read more

IKEA: A kitchen made from recycled plastic and wood

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IKEA cuisine

At Älmhult in Sweden is the headquarters of IKEA, a brand that has constantly evolved around an unchanged vision since its creation in 1943: create a better life every day. To “equip the planet” the brand Intends to increase the quality of its products … while reducing the price. An impossible equation, for many firms in many countries, but which Sweden seems to have the ingredients. This is how IKEA launched the Kungsbacka kitchen range: panels made entirely from recycled wood and plastic bottles. Read more

Bali: A biologist creates a, so healthy, recyclable bag that you can drink it

in Waste Management by

Indonesia is facing the scourge of plastic waste that pollutes the environment. In Bali, to counter this environmental outrage, a young Indonesian entrepreneur has embarked on the production of herbal products.

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Recycled plastic: From beaches to shampoo bottles

in Waste Management by
P&G en

The bottles of Head & Shoulders or Pantene will use more recycled plastic by the end of 2018 in Europe. This summer, the American multinational Procter & Gamble launches in France in limited edition bottles made from plastic waste picked up on beaches. Read more

Emirates introduces recycled blankets from plastic bottles in its Economy Class

in Transportation/Waste Management by

When you huddle on an Economy Class flight from Emirates airline, it is old plastic bottles that will keep you warm … They were transformed into blankets … From now to 2019, 88 million plastic bottles, that would otherwise end up at the landfill, will be used.

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France boosts recycling in 2017

in Waste Management by
France recycling En

When we talk about recycling, France is among the worst students on the continent. Conscious of this state of affairs, the Government has taken the necessary decisions. So recycling will grow like mushrooms after the rain in 2017.

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Transforming plastic waste to roofs in Burkina Faso

in Waste Management by

If the project materialises, a whole population will be able to thank the genius of a young boy, who wanted to link ecology and improvement of living conditions. By collecting and merging tons of plastic waste that invade Ouagadougou, Calvin Tiam has succeeded in creating a new material that isolates four hundred times more than the simple metal sheet currently used on the top of the houses. Read more

Haiti’s plastic waste in the manufacturing of HP, Tread and Timberland products

in Waste Management by

US $ 300,000 financing have been earmarked by Thread PBC International Ltd., Timberland, Hewlett Packard (HP) Inc. and the Clinton Global Initiative to provide services, health care, education and vocational training to 300 waste collectors in Haiti, including 200 children. The multinationals will use the collected plastics in the manufacture of their products. Read more

Netherlands: Plastic roads to be made from recycled ocean waste

in Transportation by

The Plastic Road project in the Netherlands gives new life to plastic waste, while, at the same time, avoiding millions of tons of CO2 emitted in the production and laying of asphalt.

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