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French support their local economy

in Collaborative Economy by

france regionAgriculture in France is facing difficulties. It is time to support the neighbourhood! Many French favours the purchase of local products to support the local economy and create employment in the region. Read more

An app brings retailer and consumer together in Italy

in Collaborative Economy by

Exploiting the potential of the collaborative economy to fight against food waste while creating new business opportunities, this is what an Italian SME, has done. Francesco Ardito created this start-up a year and a half in the business incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin and was a finalist of the European Social Innovation Competition last year. Read more

Indian potter invent the clay refrigerator

in Innovation by
Manshuk Prajapati showing his clay refrigerator
Manshuk Prajapati showing his clay refrigerator

He is called the ‘Harry Potter’ of rural India. Mansukh Prajapati invented a clay refrigerator running without electricity and 100% recyclable. A boon for India where 500 million people are without electricity and / or cannot afford such a household appliance. He used his knowledge to create a successful company: Mitti Cool. It sells pottery but also various utensils such as pots, pans and kitchen sets. One of the items available is revolutionising India: the clay refrigerator. Read more

The Universal Basic Income under scrutiny

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basin income

The idea of a universal basic income is becoming popular in many countries. Finland is allowing for an experimental pilot program to replace part of its social security protection with a universal basic income (UBI). Switzerland will hold a referendum on the subject in June. Other European countries are also envisaging with the concept. This idea is also gaining momentum in the United States. In Africa, a small island like Mauritius has already introduced a Bill in Parliament to provide for a minimum salary. Read more

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