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Indian Railways launch India’s first solar train

in Renewable Energy by

India is the third polluter of the planet behind China and the United States of America. Its coal plants still generate 60% of its electricity production. Like its neighbour China, the country is obliged to begin a forced energy transition, since in many cities the air is polluted on average four times higher than national standards levels. Thus, on July 14, 2017, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first solar train of the country. The project initiated by Indian Railways is in its early stages: if the tests are successful, it is expected that 50 other train carriage of this type will be built. Read more

India will have only electric cars by 2030

in Transportation by
india electric-car

India, which faces a huge pollution problem, is multiplying ecological measures. We recently introduced you to plastic roads as well as the conversion of waste into fuel. This time a new level has been reached when Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal announces that all the cars marketed in 2030 will be electric.

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Driving on plastic roads in India

in Waste Management by

India is confronted with a huge waste problem. Plastic is one among them as it pollutes waterways, landscapes. Plastic bags are, thus, being extensively used for road surfacing as plastic and tar bond well together because both are petroleum products. Read more

India is increasingly using smart solar energy

in Renewable Energy by
inde smart power

At least one appliance using solar or wind power per home. This is the goal set by an Indian businessman. Not only for its business to flourish, but also so that India can breathe better.

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India: Conversion of local waste into fuel

in Transportation by

Of the world’s 20 most polluted cities, 13 are found in India, and over 600,000 Indians die as a result of air pollution every year. Along with this, air pollution caused by vehicles is a big issue. The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world. Many initiatives have been planned to curb it. But the most effective one these days seem to be the use of a cost-effective fuel made from local sewage or waste known as Biogas. Read more

Local initiatives promote rural development and poverty reduction in India

in Collaborative Economy by

A cooperative encourages rural development and poverty reduction in India through local initiatives whose goal is to empower women and youth living in rural areas. This broadly the objective of SEWA (Self Employed Women Association) based in the western state of Gujarat. Read more

Indian Women: The hidden face of a sustaining force

in Agriculture by

They are recognized as the sustaining force of India and are revealing themselves gradually. They are the Indian woman.

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Indian boy invents a low-cost portable Braille printer

in Innovation by
Shubham Banerjee
Shubham Banerjee

A 14-year-old boy of Indian-origin has invented a low-cost portable Braille printer. Shubham Banerjee is now working with technology giant Microsoft to integrate Braigo drivers with Windows to make it easily accessible to the visually-impaired. Read more

India plants 2 billion trees along its highways

in Sustainable development by

Inde arbre

In India, the government identified two major problems: youth unemployment and poor air quality. Fortunately, they found an innovative solution that kills two birds with a stone. The government has thus devised a plan whereby 300,000 young people will be recruited to plant 2 billion trees on the edges of highways.
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An Indian produces edible cutlery to save the planet

in Innovation by

Spoon Bakeys

An Indian researcher in agriculture invents edible spoons that can be used to eat your food, and eaten up afterwards. Peesapaty Narayana has sold more than 1.5 million edible spoons in India. But his ambition goes well beyond his territory; he wants a massive production worldwide. Read more

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