Laurent TATFORD, Founder, Nice, May 5 2016

It all started after I watched the documentary “DEMAIN” seen by a million persons in France, an unprecedented figure for a documentary!

I had a pretty pessimistic vision of what the world would turn into… Pollution, overpopulation, exhaustion of natural resources… with humans causing the sixth mass extinction to come.

Then I saw “DEMAIN”.

I suddenly became enlightened to see so many people taking over the course of their destiny, making changes here and there, and acting to make this world a better place to live. It made me realise that each one of us, individually, can make a change; a change that politics and governmental bodies have failed to achieve.

It is all about taking control over our life again.

I have found it so inspiring… That it made me feel like taking action now. Thus, the name of the project

We aim at publishing articles which tell stories and experiment of individual, groups or political actions in the field of :

  • agriculture and organic food
  • shared economies and citizen communities
  • renewable energy and sustainable development
  • trading, sharing, alternative solutions
  • recycling, re-using, reducing, repairing, innovating.

The idea is to share what is being done on our planet and in any language.

We wish to provide qualitative and exhaustive content on solutions and social innovation reported by the local, regional, national and international media, with the aim to provide ideas than can be appropriate by anyone.


Yasine MOHABUTH, Managing Editor

Yasine is a Corporate Communication, Sustainability, Media & Public Relations specialist having worked for both Government and Private Sectors in Mauritius. Holding a Masters in Communication and Public Relations, his specialties are Events Organisation, Damage Control, Political Communication, Media Monitoring and Sustainable Journalism.

He has a wide and bright career, spanning over 20 years, in the media working for the BBC World Service, BBC Sport, BBC Afrique, Africanews, Radio ONE, Le Defi Media Group (Radio Plus & Tele Plus) and the Independent Broadcasting Authority among others. He also gives lectures at University level on Media Sustainability and Communication.



Fadya NAZIRKHAN, Journalist – Editor

Fadya is a qualified journalist with a solid background in public relations and communication. She has worked for both the Government and Private Sectors in Mauritius and the Russian Federation.

As a journalist, she is known to be tenacious with a passion for investigative journalism and crime reporting. Besides, she has expertise in Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Political Communication, Media Monitoring and Corporate Content Writing. She has been at l’express newspaper and the Independent Commission Against Corruption among other workplaces. She is also multilingual.